Remodelers are always on the move, whether its jumping between jobsites or placing orders with dealers, the modern remodeler is operating in a fast paced business. Smartphones and tablets have emerged as some of the top tools for these remodelers to keep tabs on the business and ensure everything gets done, but there are so many productivity apps out there to choose from. Over at Duct Tape Marketing, guest blogger and content consultant Meenakshi Krishnan wades through the sea of options and offer suggestions to help keep your mobile office operational:

NETSUITE - .Available for both iPhone and Android users, this is one solution for all business size, industry and role. It is a unified business management suite, covering ERP/Financials, CRM, and ecommerce. It is a single app that connects financials, customers, and commerce. Where ever you are, you can access to all business information of your organization and take actions as you go. It is simple yet easy to use.

Krishnan profiles more than just that, she covers apps for operations management, social media marketing, invoices, accounting, and more. So click on the link below to see her recommendations, and if you have any suggestions of apps you've found useful, let us know in the comments below!

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