8 Great Products from the 2013 Deck Expo

AGS Stainless AGS Stainless's new Olympus Railing System offers an inline horizontal bar rail system broken into easy-to-install pieces with no welding required. That means it goes up faster, and doesn't require contractors to supervise another trade on the jobsite. The contemporary design can complement a range of décor styles inside or outside. AGS Stainless | 888.842.9492 | agsstainless.com

Deccessories A clever product with a clever name, Chadirondack is this start-up company's flagship product. The uniquely designed seating uses hardware hidden under the deck surface to create a chaise-style knee rest and back support that collapses back into the deck when not in use. Because Chadirondack uses the existing deck surface in its assembly, the material will always be a perfect match to the surrounding deck in terms of color, graining, and board spacing. The kit can be used to create smaller or larger chairs as necessary. Deccessories | 407.583.6251 | deccessories.com

DODGE Doing more work on the go? When you outfit your new Ram truck with an 8.4-inch Uconnect multimedia center touchscreen and GPS navigation, you have the option of turning your truck into a wi-fi hotspot. Along with the subscription-based wi-fi service, the vehicle has plenty of outlets to charge your devices (plus a PTO option if you need to run a generator onsite), hands-free calling and voice text reply, and plenty of storage and handy features to give you a mobile office. Dodge | ramtrucks.com

Ezy-Lifter We've seen plenty of tools that will help deck builders lay boards fast and effectively, but here's one out of Australia that will help you bring them up again. Slide the Ezy-Lifter's jaw around the deck board you want to remove and use the demolition tool's long handle to pull the board up from the joists. In addition to taking our the back-breaking labor, the maker says Ezy-Lifter has been known to reduce demolition time by 50% to 70% than using a hammer and crowbar. The tool also lets boards be removed with less damage, so the material can be reused or recycled. Ezy-Lifter | ezy-lifter.comcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

FastenMaster The Trio Ultimate Deck Screw has been designed to work better in softwood decking, such as pressure-treated lumber, cedar, and redwood. The screws feature FastenMaster's ThruPoint design to bore pilot holes during installation, eliminating wedging and splitting sometimes caused by deck screws, while the Torx TTAP drive system keeps screws from wobbling or stripping during installation or removal. A standard Torx 25 bit will drive the fastener. A proprietary coating protects the screw against corrosion and UV resistance. Users who pick up the 350-piece bucket can also take advantage of the Trio Spotter Installation Guide, designed to increase fastener installation speed and accuracy. FastenMaster | 800.518.3569 | fastenmaster.com

Green Bay Decking No need for the extra expense or installation time required for an underdeck drainage system. DuxxBak decking drains water from the deck top thanks to specially designed end caps that create drainage channels when the boards interlock. Though the maker notes that the decking is not waterproof, it does still allow for creation of storage space under the deck for weather-safe items like outdoor furniture. The PVC decking contains no wood flower, making it resistant to mold, mildew, decay, and scratching. Choose from six natural-looking colors in standard lengths. Green Bay Decking | 877.804.0137 | greenbaydecking.com

Laticrete Laticrete will expand its offering of Paver Link paving sand with a new gray color in 2014. The joint filling component has the consistency of brown sugar and isn't traditional polymeric sand, so it doesn't require any misting after application. At the same time, it's water permeable, so homeowners don't need to worry about puddles on their paver patios, sidewalks, or driveways. Designed for filling gaps of 1/4-inch or above, Paver Link helps prevent weed growth in treated joints, and won't wash out. Laticrete | 800.243.4788 | paverlink.com

SideJob Racks Anchor SideJob Cargo Racks to your van's ladder racks to get sheet materials out of the cargo area. Voted Most Innovative Product at the 2013 Remodeling Show, the steel bar features a foam-rubber bumper to protect the paint job, and tightens down against the side of the van. The system can hold 450 pounds of cargo, which translates to as many as eight sheets of drywall, nine sheets of plywood, or 32 2x4s. The racks install at the ideal height for transferring materials from your lumberyard cart to the vehicle, and can hold sheets in place so installers can easily scribe or score without bending over. Sidejob | 888.514.3592 | sidejobracks.org

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