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How To Blow A Lead

Organize your efforts, take responsibility for the call and ask for the sale. Chances are that if you do all those you may walk away with a contract. More

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The Advantages of Using A Selling System Are Many

There are good reasons for having a selling system -- and sticking to it. More

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Set Sales Expectations for Success

What makes a great sales manager? Depends on you, your company, and what your expectations are for your salespeople. More

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Appointment Prep

When well-known industry sales trainer Phil Rea makes his first sales call of the... More

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Talk It Up

There are a few questions that every salesman needs to ask himself about the competition: More

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People Power

Hiring the right people and training them to manage themselves can give a company... More

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Three Strikes

A lot of your prospects think they need three bids from three different contractors. Everything they've read advises them to do that. In fact, a lot of you reading this probably make that suggestion in your company's marketing materials. More

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Be Prepared

Many salespeople start their presentation by asking the prospect questions. What's your budget? When do you want to start? How many estimates are you getting? More

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