Mike Guertin

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Flashing a Curved Window

How do you flash around a curved window with straight flashing tape? More

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Flashing failures

Who's responsible for the kick-out flashing? Typically it's a roofer's responsibility to install it and a sider's responsibility not to screw it up. More

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Lighten Up

If you look out your truck or office window and see cats and dogs raining from the sky, the choice is pretty clear about what needs to happen first: get over there with a tarp, if only to provide the customer service your clients expect and to prevent expensive damage to their home -- and to your reputation. More

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Cool Roof

Massachusetts roofer Jim Lydon once got a call from a client complaining that the roof Lydon had installed was "leaking like a sieve." When he arrived to inspect, Lydon found that the homeowner, hoping to save money on her fuel bill, had plugged up all the soffit vents. More

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