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Closing: Can I Put You On The Schedule?

If you don't ask for the order, there's little hope of getting it More

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Practice Canceled Contract Control

A well-defined cancel/save procedure can recover 25% to 30% of rescinded contracts. More

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Why Some Salespeople Outsell Others

It's not the personality; it's certain behaviors or practices that create the top performers in home improvement sales. More

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Set Goals For New Sales Hires

New sales hires usually have a limited time in which they must produce. Good managers do everything in their power to help them meet those goals. More

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End Excessive Sales Turnover

Excessive sales turnover is usually the result of improper selection of new hires or improper management of the sales force. Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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What Are Deceptive Sales and Marketing Practices?

REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR online recently published an interview with Washington state assistant attorney general Jack Zurlini Jr. Mr. Zurlini has filed, so far, eight civil suits against home improvement companies, charging deceptive sales and marketing practices. We recently interviewed Dave Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates, a consultant with more than 60 years experience in the home improvement industry and the author of Why Buy Replacement Windows?, about the suits, their resolution, and the implications for home improvement companies. More

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Great Managers Hire Great Managers

Our Replacement Contractor of the year is a company that does many things well. More

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Unlawful Marketing and Sales Practices

Thirty companies in the state of Washington received a letter from the assistant attorney general with the above heading in the last year. Seven of the companies and one manufacturer signed consent decrees. Some are left with severe damage to their reputation and staggering legal bills. More

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Address Those Hidden Sales Objections

What prospects say may not be what they mean ? or what they need. More

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Make Every Sales Call Minute Count Toward The Close

Your time in the home is a unique opportunity. Use it wisely. More

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