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A Specialty Contractor Enters the Full Service Remodeling Business

A Q and A with Ken Moeslein, CEO of Legacy Remodeling, in Pittsburgh. More

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Insulation An Easy Upsell on Roofing or Siding Jobs

Considering adding blown insulation as an adjunct to your roofing and siding jobs? More

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Threats To Your Home Improvement Business

An interview with attorney D.S. Berenson about worker reclassification, lead paint laws, Do Not Mail registries, and more. More

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Packaged Deal

Shawn Shelton, president of Rembrandt Remodeling, in Atlanta, was searching for a... More

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Inner Space

Is basement finishing the next hot home improvement category? Manufacturers seem... More

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Killer Contracts

Sales contracts get no respect. They're signed every day. Sometimes with changes scribbled in that could cause trouble. Sometimes with prices that are flat out wrong. And sometimes with boilerplate language that doesn't say what you think it says. More

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I Object!

The prospects are serious, but they're also a little wary and obviously nervous. They've given you several reasons why they shouldn't be buying this job tonight. But you're still there. And they're still there. They've listened and asked questions. They appear to be on the verge -- the very edge -- of signing. But suddenly they exchange glances, one or the other leans back into the sofa, or they shake their heads just slightly and say � More

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Keen On Truckin'

When employees of Taylor Made, the second largest Owens Corning basement finishing... More

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Buying In

Drive through any U.S. city or town of size and you'll see them: McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway, Pro-Cuts and Supercuts, Jiffy Lube, Re/Max, The UPS Store. Franchises one and all. Franchising sales in the U.S. alone exceeded $1 trillion in 2000, with more than half a million business units generating some 8 million jobs, the International Franchise Association reports. Think you're the right kind of person for a franchise? Sorting out the risks and rewards requires diligence. More

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Sales Turn On

Selling home improvement products and projects is an art, to some. Others might define it as a highly nuanced set of skills. The aim, of course, is to win the confidence of homeowners and close the sale. And like everything else today, home improvement selling is going high tech. More

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