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Hail of a Season

Summer hail creates a deluge of roofing work, but also accusations against roofers. Don't let your company get caught in the crossfire. More

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Can a roof ever resist a tornado?

A fast-moving storm system triggered dozens of tornadoes on Sunday that killed at... More

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Collapse: telltale signs not to ignore

Most roof collapses occur when the structure can't sustain extreme loading conditions, such as heavy snows that have caused a number of buildings to fall. But a few collapsed roofs tie directly to the roofing itself, and offer lessons for roofers to  contemplate. More

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Foam Backed Siding Makes The Case For Energy Efficiency

Homeowner concerns about energy savings and fuel efficiency are making insulated siding more attractive to siding contractors. More

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What It's Worth

Many home improvement company owners pride themselves on knowing their fully loaded marketing costs. They should. The difference between, say, the 6% you may think is your fully loaded cost and the 9% it More

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Special Financing Section - Resources
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With telemarketing leads harder to get and media leads ever-dicey, more home... More

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The 2004 Replacement 100

For many on this year's Replacement 100 list -- a compilation of the top home... More

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