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Water Treatment Among the New Products Home Improvement Companies Are Trying

Looking to diversify? Water treatment products offer one potential profit center. More

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Control Company Credit Card Use

The convenience of company credit cards can leave you open to loss or abuse if those cards are not tightly managed. More

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Where To Go To Recruit New Marketing Staff

Direct marketing is a sure source of steady leads. But where do you find the people who best represent your company? More

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Window Wars

Low-price window companies, such as Window World, are expanding their dealer networks. And, many say, changing the nature of the window replacement business. More

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Trust But Verify

When it comes to company credit cards, many home improvement contractors take as... More

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Same-as-Cash Financing

Retailers such as The Home Depot and Best Buy have found deferred-interest "same-as-cash" credit promotions an effective way to increase sales. The store lets the customer walk away with the purchase for no money down, and agrees to not charge interest if they pay in full before an agreed-on deadline, which could be 30 days, 6 months, or 1 year from the date of purchase. More

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Big Box, Big Leads?

You've heard about leads acquired through The Home Depot and similar companies. You may have heard the horror stories of companies who got involved, sold a lot of business, and couldn't make a profit. So is this a viable lead source? More

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