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Avoid Abuse of Company Credit Cards

James Leisner, CPA, is director of corporate services for Stonebridge Business Partners, a Rochester, N.Y., company providing a variety of compliance and forensic investigative services to institutions, government organizations, nonprofits, and businesses. More

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Who Does the Books?

When Jim Lett started his window and door business, A.B.E. Window & Doorin Allentown, Pa., he did everything himself -- including the books. Soonenough, however, Lett began to outsource his bookkeeping. He still does, ata cost of between $450 and $500 a month. Generally, costsat home improvement companies that outsource bookkeeping range from $200 to $1,000 per month. More

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LLC or S-Corp.?

Should a home-improvement company be structured as an S-corp. or an LLC? Experts say choosing a form of business ownership depends on several key factors, including tax concerns, potential risks and business liabilities, desire for flexible management structure, and future investment needs. More

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