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What Are Your Company's Trade Secrets

Know who has access to your pricing formula, financial plan, marketing scripts and other information and make sure you define what you consider as trade secrets. More

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Cruise Control

With up to seven vehicles on the road every day, ABC Seamless of Northeast Ohio, a roofing, siding, sunroom, and window company, is definitely feeling the fuel pinch. More

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Just Cause

Last spring, Alure Home Improvement, on Long Island, mobilized teams of installers to help construct a recreation facility at Clearpool Education Center in Putnam County, N.Y. Filmed by ABC-TV and broadcast on the network's More

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Tough Questions

Salespeople who golf tee Gary Johnson off. So, when the sales manager at ABC Seamless Siding & Windows in Toledo, Ohio, interviews candidates for a sales job, he not only carefully checks their resumes, he also asks what they do with their free time. More

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Pay Up

During his first decade with Garden State Brickface, Windows & Siding, in Roselle, N.J., Doug Jimmink sold under seven different compensation plans. Jimmink, a 21-year company veteran who now heads marketing and sales, adds that when he joined Garden State, commissions were all over the map, ranging from 5% to 18%, which left some salespeople confused and skeptical about the system's fairness. More

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Party On

When EnergySwing Windows, in the Pittsburgh suburb of Murraysville, threw its first customer appreciation event, Don Darragh felt like he'd time traveled back to his wedding day. The company's sizzlingly successful barbecue "felt like magic," says Darragh, vice president and sales manager at EnergySwing. Throughout the event, people approached him to shake his hand and offer congratulations. More

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The Workers' Comp Crisis

This year, State Roofing will spend just under $280,000 on premiums for workers'... More

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