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Bad Roof Installations Offer Benefits—for Other Contractors

When roofing contractors screw up, two things happen: the industry gets a bad name and competent contractors get more work. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR blogger Mike Damora knows—he sees it all the time. More

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Independent Subs--How Do You Keep the Good Ones?

Increased demand will make independent subcontractors more valuable than ever. Here's how to keep them coming back. More

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Manage The Details

Our Replacement Contractor of the Year is a company that enjoys taking chances while leaving little to chance. More

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Staying Power

This year, for the first time, Archadeck of Charlotte in North Carolina mailed... More

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Welcome Aboard

More contractors are hiring installers as full-time employees. As a result, "bonus" and "incentive" are taking on new meanings. More

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Held to Account

Rich Friedenberg, vice president of Windowizards in Bristol, Pa., speaks for many replacement contractors when he states that, given the market's labor supply, it's impractical to deduct a portion of subcontractors' pay to defray the cost of follow-up work on a project the sub can't or won't return to fix. "It's harder to get people to work for you when you're withholding a percentage of their money" is how Friedenberg puts it. More

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