Mike Damora

  • It's Time to Widen Your Internet Footprint

    The younger demographic is all about mobile browsing and instant updates. Neglect your online audience, and you're skipping out on valuable customers.

  • Stand Out or Pack Up

    Sell like everyone else sells and the results will be average at best. Step up your game by being different.

  • Modern Sales: Know Your Facts or Get the Axe

    Today's homeowners have different expectations when it comes to the sales appointment.

  • The Real Deal: Tapping Real Estate Agents as a Lead Source

    Need some great leads? Maybe you should get a real estate agent. They know people who know people; people who are looking to sell a house and need to have things done to it before the house can be sold.

  • Calm Cautious Homeowners With Financing

    Financing can be a foolproof way to drop price and help close the sale—provided you know the real reason your prospect is thinking about buying.

  • Skip the Act. Speak the Truth When You Sell

    Nothing rolls off your lips easier than the truth. Stick to the facts for happy clients and and a more rewarding career.

  • Home Improvement Laws: Stay Up to Date or Prepare to Pay Up

    As a contractor, you need to know what the laws are in your state, how they apply to your business, and when they change. Failure to do so can result in an unexpected lawsuit and lots of headaches.

  • Evaluating Marketing? Stick to Facts, Not Feelings

    You’re spending money to compile marketing information, but how often do you actually look at it?

  • Lack of Professionalism is a Red Flag for Homeowners

    For contractors, professionalism isn’t just a matter of personal style but a predictor of how business will be conducted.

  • Taking the Consultative Approach to Sales

    Mike Damora doesn't sell jobs on the first visit. But he does successfully sell them—often upselling in the process. Find out how his consultative approach to selling can help you close far more business.

  • Too Much Consumer Information for Home Improvement Projects? Not!

    If you think that the arsenal of online tools and data now available to homeowners for pricing a home improvement project before they even meet with a contractor is a bad thing, Mike Damora is here to tell you otherwise.They give you an advantage.

  • Attention! Attention! How Do You Connect With Prospects Today?

    Think you can pick and choose how you connect with prospects? Columnist Mike Damora recommends that you think again. Times have changed, and the market has made that decision for you. Ignore online marketing and social media at your own peril.

  • Trust Me: How to Create a Real Connection With Prospects

    If you asked a hundred people to think of a single word they associate with “salesman,” how many would say honesty? How many would say integrity? Mike Damora tells why it's important to defy the stereotype and really build trust.

  • Eyeball to Eyeball

    Mike Damora offers tips to help you in your efforts to create an ever-widening online footprint for your company — and paying customers to write online reviews and testimonials is not one of them.

  • First Dibs: Why Canvassing Leads Are So Attractive

    Are you considering getting away from using canvassing? Despite the difficulties of canvassing, Mike Damora thinks it has its merits.