John Stevens

  • Test the Waters Before Selecting Media

    Media leads are the most expensive part of an ongoing home improvement marketing campaign. Here's what to look for in testing to see which medium will work best for your company.

  • Guaranteed Delivery: Use PPI to Guarantee Return on Print Ads

    Newspapers can become an affordable lead source with pay-per-inquiry advertising.

  • Make Marketing Allies of Local Service Providers

    Sharing mailing costs with local non-competing service providers can give you a steady, high performing lead at below-average cost.

  • Tablet Computers Revolutionize In Home Selling

    The tablet computer: indispensable for sales and marketing

  • Click To Sell

    As the millennium has brought forth many useful wonders, many contractors have resisted every new advance as "too complicated for our guys" or "too expensive for our company." But those who embraced the new technologies usually found that the hardware paid for itself in weeks and that they quickly...

  • Take A Prospect To Dinner

    A marketing tactic of the financial services industry may pay off well in generating home improvement leads.

  • How A New Product Could Expand Your Sales

    Know how to promote your company's newest product, and how to select the product that fits your particular demographic mix.

  • Pitch Your Products From A Screen

    Selling a home improvement project will always depend on the interpersonal skills of the salesman, but the newest generation of digital sales aids can make a dramatic difference in close rate. With lead costs up and digital costs shrinking, here's what moving from pitch book to laptop could do for...

  • Online Ads Get Eyeballs

    Reach a TV-size audience on the Internet for a fraction of the cost.

  • Media Advertising May Now Be A Bargain

    The media advertising you dropped in the downturn could ramp up your recovery this year.

  • Website Checkup

    Digital marketing is changing faster than Paris fashion. Is your site out of date?

  • Show Me

    Choose an image that shows your product.

  • PPC Inquiries Drive Web Traffic

    Can pay per click be your super lead source for lean times?

  • See Me, Feel Me

    A flood of meaningless facts can extinguish the bright glow of interest in your company and product.

  • Simple Sells

    One glance at your local coupon clipper will indicate the low quality of ads in the home improvement category.