Jim Cory

  • Star Power: Reputation-Building Online

    A few negative reviews online can nullify all the marketing dollars you're spending. That's why you need an online review strategy.

  • Home Improvement Business Model Same But Different

    In the fall of 2003, the first time this magazine published its list of the home improvement industry's largest companies, a lead — defined for our purposes as an issued appointment — cost $178.29.

  • Customer Service Key To Sustainable Marketing Costs

    The industry's premier consulting company recently polled more than 100 of its clients to discover that, among them, the average cost of an issued appointment is $299. That's $23 more than it cost in 2010. And yes, some companies pay twice that for an issued lead.

  • Is The Home Improvement Market Recovering?

    Economists offer differing assessments of whether or not the the home renovation market is improving, and how quickly.

  • In The Internet Age, What You Can Say About Price

    Homeowners today are in a better position to insist on a price for windows, siding or roofing.

  • Custom Job

    Your customer calls to cancel three weeks after signing a contract. What do you say?

  • Homeowners Once More Want Energy Efficient Improvements

    The trend that sees homeowners staying in their current homes rather than moving can only feed demand for the kind of products that allow those homes to consume energy in a functionally efficient way.

  • Energy Efficiency Is Back

    Hang around long enough and eventually you see and hear things come, go, and come back again. Take energy, for instance.

  • The Internet As Part of Your Total Marketing Investment

    As more companies invest in online marketing, can you really afford not to have a strong presence there?

  • Washington State Window Companies Whacked

    There's a lot in this issue of Replacement Contractor about what's been going on in Washington state for the past year. To summarize, the attorney general there has filed civil suits against seven window replacement companies and a window manufacturer accusing them of engaging in deceptive...

  • Home Star Bill Encourages Energy Improvements

    By the time you read this, Congress may already have passed the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010, a bill that provides about $5.4 billion for rebates to homeowners for two different classes -- Gold Star and Silver Star -- of improvements.

  • How To Manage, Motivate and Lead

    The lead situation was bleak. The salespeople wondered who would be the first to go. What to do?

  • Small Spenders

    If you own a home improvement company, you've probably had to work harder during the last year than ever before.

  • Recession's Pain A Great Business Teacher

    Last fall phones at many home improvement companies around the country fell silent. Faced with a sudden plunge in revenue, owners could either hold their breath and hope sales would rebound or they could take a hard look at the size of their business and make appropriate decisions.

  • Smart Contractors Comply Quickly With New Lead Regs

    Ever hear the expression, “Get the lead out of your pants”? It means get moving.