Jake Jacobson

  • Liar Beware

    You've probably heard the expression "buyers are liars," but maybe they act that way because they just don't know you. Get to know and compliment them if you really want to turn them into loyal, honest clients.

  • Really Get Homeowners in Touch With What You Sell

    Make in-home selling a sensual experience and you'll soon be closing more business.

  • 'No Problem': In Sales, the Bogus Promise Comes Back To Bite

    When it comes to doing whatever it takes to make the sale, hold your salespeople accountable for what they promise customers.

  • How Much Are Your Windows? It's Not All About the Price

    Homeowners always want to know what the price is. But if they buy from you, it’s not going to be because of price. It’s going to be because you’ve made them feel that whatever they pay, it’s worth it.

  • Late For A Sales Appointment

    Salespeople who show up late for an appointment immediately put themselves at a disadvantage. Manage your time and earn their respect.

  • Cheapskates and Chump Change

    One of the most common mistakes a salesperson makes trying to beat the competition is lowering the price. Sell more than just the price and you may just end up with what you were hoping for – i.e., a signed contract. Refl exively lowering your price means you're thinking cheap. When a sales person...