Roofers have to work in dangerous conditions, it's the nature of the job. Being up so high presents many risks, and creating safety protocols is key to completing any roofing job. But deciding to be safe and actually being safe are two different things. Over at the SRS Distribution blog, writer Charles Battler lists a few tips for ensuring a safe work environment for roofers on each and every job:

Leaders who practice what they preach and put safety as their number one priority in everyday tasks show their employees it doesn’t take much effort to deploy safety. Managers who remind workers to be safe rather than reprimanding them when they are lapsing, approach safety with more concern and care. Presenting safety as restricting rules creates a sense of inconvenience. Instead, it’s better to treat safe practices as the only way to work.

Being clear about a culture of roofing safety protects every employee from day one, keeps a company compliant with regulations, and helps avoid accidents, fatal or otherwise.

Roofing safety is about more than just starting at the top. Check out the full article for more tips on how to maintain a safe jobsite by clicking on the link below.

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