Roof Inspection Time

An annual roof inspection can generate either leads or revenue, provided your company's set up to do it.

roofer construction worker uses a battery powered screwgun to fasten sheets of metal roofing to the rafters on top of a barn.

Metal Roofing Leads The Category

Once an exotic, metal roofing is the fasest-growing product in residential applications.



Hail Tracking Is Key To Swift Storm Damage Response by Roofers

The increasing sophistication of computerized hail-tracking systems enables a handful of roofers specializing in storm work to get to neighborhoods, and jobs, first.


Changes in Product, Practice, Boost Business for Roofers

Homeowner buying a roof want foolproof installation and impact resistance. Roofers...

Roof for a Lifetime: Beyond Longevity, Metal Roofing Offers Other Benefits Too

Contractors cite longevity as just one of many reasons why metal roofing appeals to homeowners -- particularly older owners.