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Roofers, Are You Ready to Install Fully Solar Roofs?

Solar City is prepping the launch of new solar roof product aimed at customers... More

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NRCA Gives Up Fight Against Silica Rule

The strict new requirements come as OSHA fines jump. More

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How To Get Your Roofing Firm in Top Shape for the Next Storm Season cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Be set to thrive when Mother Nature does her worst More

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El Nino Spells Big Business for Roofers

Even before the rain starts contractors are deluged with business and worried... More

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A Roof Cutter's Secrets Goes Digital

A classic framer's manual is now available as an ebook ... but that's just a... More

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Roofers Racked up $18 Million in OSHA Violations

But all contractors need to heed workplace safety regulations. Here are the top 10... More

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Roofs: Let Them Vent

Code requirements, the fine print in manufacturer warranties and common sense all dictate that a roof be ventilated More

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Four Biggest Roof-Flashing Errors

Don't be one of those cheapskate roofers who skimps on critical flashing. More

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Bad Roof Installations Offer Benefits—for Other Contractors

When roofing contractors screw up, two things happen: the industry gets a bad name and competent contractors get more work. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR blogger Mike Damora knows—he sees it all the time. More

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Roofing Best Practices

A resource to train your crews in best practices for roofing and reroofing with asphalt shingles. More

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