Homeowners Seeking 'Last Roof' Drive Metal Sales

After a lull brought on by the recession, the growth of metal roofing seems set to resume as more roofing companies and home improvement contractors enter the market. Read more

What You Can Learn From Lowe's $6.5 Million Job-Classification Payout

Treating independent contractors like paid employees without giving them a full-timer's benefits is a recipe for disaster. Lowe's learned. Here's advice from a construction law expert on how you can avoid a similar fate. Read more

Ready Seal Gives Outdoor Lumber a Facelift

From decks to siding, Ready Seal offers an easy-to-apply stain and sealer in one. Read more

Plan for Weather to Keep Your Backlog in CheckPlan for Weather to Keep Your Backlog in Check

This winter has wreaked havoc on the scheduling practices of many replacement... Read more

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Make Sure Your Website Is Smartphone-Ready

An ever-increasing amount of the traffic coming to your website originates from people using mobile devices. This guide offers answers to the hows and whys of "mobilizing" a business website. Read more

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How Warranties Can Help You Sell Roofing Jobs

For a growing number of companies that install a top-quality roof, long-term workmanship warranties for roofing jobs are a potent marketing and sales tool. (And yes, that part about "top-quality," that's essential.) Read more

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Unplug for the Holidays With These 5 Digital Detox Plans

Is your digital device turning you into a hyperactive distraction addict? It's time to turn it all off and give your brain a well-deserved rest for the next two weeks. Here's how to eliminate the temptation. Read more

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How the Power of Suggestion Can Help You Upsell Siding

When it comes to siding upsells, what is it that ultimately convinces homeowners that spending more money on a siding job makes sense? Design. But there's more to it than that. Read more

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8 Great Products from the 2013 Deck Expo

Editors from Professional Deck Builder magazine toured the floor of the 2013 Deck Expo and found a range of great products and tools to use on your next deck. Read more

Planning Prepares You for Deck Jobs of Any Size

Prep work up front can make that daunting six-figure deck-and-more job fully manageable. Read more

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