On the Job

Planning Prepares You for Deck Jobs of Any Size

Prep work up front can make that daunting six-figure deck-and-more job fully manageable.


Be Aware of Who's Allowed To Tear Off Old Asbestos Siding

Many older homes in some states have asbestos shingle or board siding, which can --...

Hail Tracking Is Key To Swift Storm Damage Response by Roofers

The increasing sophistication of computerized hail-tracking systems enables a handful of roofers specializing in storm work to get to neighborhoods, and jobs, first.


Sell Decorative Shutters To Enhance a Window or Siding Project

An expansive category with many materials, colors, and finishes, decorative shutters...


Much Obliged: Who Fixes Those Old Windows?

Whether to service products by manufacturers no longer in business, or where warranty...

By the Book: Being a Certified Installer Can Help You Sell Vinyl Siding Jobs

Having industrywide installation standards and certified installers for vinyl siding inspires consumer confidence, which ultimately helps you sell jobs and cuts out callbacks.

Freedonia Study Shows Deck Industry Set to Recover

Renewed demand for wood, composites, and plastic decking will, by 2016, restore the market to its 2006 levels.


Changes in Product, Practice, Boost Business for Roofers

Homeowner buying a roof want foolproof installation and impact resistance. Roofers...

Roof for a Lifetime: Beyond Longevity, Metal Roofing Offers Other Benefits Too

Contractors cite longevity as just one of many reasons why metal roofing appeals to homeowners -- particularly older owners.