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Nailing-Off Vinyl Windows

Pneumatic guns work if you set the pressure right Read more

Tags: Windows
Window Design GuidelinesWindow Design Guidelines

Get the details right when installing new windows in historic buildings Read more

Tags: Windows
Why Fall Is a Good Time of Year for Window CondensationWhy Fall Is a Good Time of Year for Window Condensation

Don't oversell replacement windows as a cure for condensation Read more

Tags: Windows
Roofing With Cedar ShinglesRoofing With Cedar Shingles

Stick with the best shingle grades and use a ventilating underlayment Read more

Tags: Roofing
Fall Safety: Yeah, You've Heard It All BeforeFall Safety: Yeah, You've Heard It All Before

More than one third of fall fatalities in residential construction involve roofs Read more

Tags: Roofing
Solving Window Condensation

How often have you heard "My windows are leaking," only to show up and find the problem is condensation? Read more

Tags: Windows
Lead Paint Drives More Window ReplacementsLead Paint Drives More Window Replacements

A Baltimore case is forcing the Commission for Historical and Architectural... Read more

Home Improvement Hits Historic Roadblock

These homeowners thought they'd bought some vinyl siding and vinyl windows. Then they found themselves embroiled in a dispute about a historic district they didn't know they lived in. Read more

Tags: Exteriors
Air-Cleaning Roof Tiles Made EasierAir-Cleaning Roof Tiles Made Easier

There's been very little data to back the claims that roofing tiles designed to... Read more

Cannon Balls in the BallastCannon Balls in the Ballast

Workers replacing an athletic center roof discover evidence of a historic battle. Read more

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