Once do-it yourselfers, baby boomers are now increasingly looking to professional contractors to do their home improvement projects. At this year’s Home Depot Investors and Analyst conference Marc Powers, Home Depot’s chief vice president of U.S. stores noted that the company will be focusing more on professional contractors.

In other words, the chain has been more of a destination for a quick fill-in trip than for a major purchase. Now, it will be working to adapt its merchandise assortment and the order fulfillment capabilities for the needs of this type of customer.

As baby boomers move toward a "do-it-for-me" mantra, industry experts believe that millennials, who are slower than previous generations to become home owners, will take up the do-it yourself attitude of their parents. 

Still, companies like Home Depot can’t wait around for that change to occur. For now, Home Depot says that millennial customers mainly shop for paint and window treatment items--products that add to a home, but don’t violate rental agreements.

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