The sheer size of the roof would have been enough to give most roofing contractors pause for thought--9,400 square feet of roof sitting 40 feet above a creek with roof pitches as steep as 24 in 12. That was the challenge facing Horn Brothers Roofing at an Evergreen, Colorado, home.

Matthew Williams, territory sales for the company, said Horn Brothers brought in a crew that specializes in steep-roof installations. They set up temporary fencing to protect the creek, and stationed someone on the ground at all times to protect the landscaping around the house. The extremely steep roof slopes meant workers were essentially rappelling as they moved around the site.

“The proximity to the river and the abundance of wildlife dictated that we take our time and calculate each step of the re-roof process," Williams said in a press release. "The home has a very narrow bridge for access."

Because of the restricted access to the house, a Class A fire rating for the replacement roof was very important, as was maintaining the historic appearance of the house. The original part of the house dates to 1927. It was built next to the Troutdale Hotel, a luxury hotel of the area that appealed to movie stars and other celebrities.

When the owners purchased the house a couple of years ago, it had a wood shake roof, which had been treated with a fire retardant and backed up with a fireproof underlayment. But some shingles were starting to warp, and the owners realized it was time for a replacement.

The owner's background as a wildland firefighter helped steer him toward Canyon Shake from Gerard USA Metal Roofing, a stone-coated metal roofing with a Class A fire rating, a 2.5-inch hailstone warranty and a 120 mph wind warranty.

Horn Brothers Roofing won a top roofing award for the project from the Colorado Roofing Association.

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