Two roofers were critically injured Monday, May 2 in an explosion involving a tank of asphalt. Officials said the tank was carrying 4,000 gallons of the tar-like material. Workers were using propane-fired heaters to get the temperature of the asphalt up to 500 degrees so they could use it on the roof of a nearby building. The two injured workers were standing on a platform near the tank when the explosion occurred. A local fire official said the department was still trying to determine whether the explosion was from the propane or from asphalt vapors. One roofer was seriously injured, with third-degree burns covering as much as 60 percent of his body. The other suffered second-degree burns. Both were treated at UC Irvine Health Center. Division Chief Brent Hayward told a local television station co-workers were devastated. "These guys work together a lot," he said. "Much like (in) the fire service, they all know each other. They all know their families, I'm sure. And it's an emotional event, to see something like this happen. We don't see this every day."

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