Forty Indiana residents are out $280,000 in what the state's attorney general says is a case of fraud.

Wanda VanWinkle and Jim Twaddle are co-owners of a roofing and restoration company called Green Frog Restoration. In December, the Indiana Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against them, claiming the company accepted insurance checks from 40 Indiana residents totaling more than $280,000. The money was to pay for roof repairs, but the work was never completed. Twaddle is a convicted felon serving out a five-year prison term, and a local TV station reports he may have used the money collected in Indiana to pay restitution to victims of a scam in Ohio. As for VanWinkle, she told a county judge she was as much a victim as the people Green Frog is accused of defrauding. "Jim Twaddle should be held accountable for what he has done to everyone," she told the judge in a six-page letter.

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