Historic Worthington Mansion in Quilcene, Washington, is about to get a new mansard roof to cap a restoration effort and give the building a look it hasn't had for 84 years.

The house was built in 1892 for an early Quilcene family, but the family never moved in. Instead, the Worthington family bought the property in 1907. The last member of the family to live there was Eileen Worthington, who died in 2012. She was a founding member of the Quilcene Museum and gave the museum an option to buy the property, which includes a barn built in 1915, and two other outbuildings on 10 acres.

The original mansard roof was removed in 1932 after it sprang some leaks and was replaced with a conventional gabled roof. After the museum took over the property, community sentiment was in favor of restoring the mansard roof. Armed with early photographs of the property, that's exactly what caretakers decided to do.

Beneath the roof is a large ballroom, although a narrow stairwell leading to it will probably prevent large crowds from using the space for much beyond offices and storage.

Quilcene is a community of about 600 people on the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle.

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