Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better when it comes to estimating revenues for replacement contractors in the Remodeling 550, but replacement contractors did show a certain level of consistency.

To reach this conclusion, we looked at the Gross Sales numbers from the top 100 Replacement Contractors that were part of both the 2016 550, and the 2015 550. We continued to trace these companies back through to the 2012 list, ending up with 38 Replacement Contractors that have made the Remodeling 550 each year since 2012 (a feat worth congratulations on its own!).

In only one of the years surveyed did replacement contractors as a whole have more than half their number beat sales estimates. Data for 2015 showed that nearly half of replacement contractors surveyed were beating their estimates, while 16% of those were within 2% of their forecast. That consistency remained throughout the numbers, a majority of replacement contractors who provided data for 2015 were within 10% of their original yearly sales estimates.

# Surveyed% That Beat Sales Forecasts% Within 2% of Forecast

The top replacement contractor each year of the survey was Window World, topping each years list and growing from $413 million in sales in 2012, to $579 million in sales in 2015. Window World also beat its yearly sales estimate four times, only coming in below estimates in 2012. Window World exceeded its estimates in 2013 by a significant dollar amount, coming in with $29 million more in sales than estimated.

As for variations in the data, Replacement contractors never seemed to fall below half of their original yearly estimates. The biggest variation on the negative side was 47% below estimates, and that was in 2012, a year still within the grasp of the recession. 2015 showcased the largest variation on the positive side, with one company beating estimates by 96%.

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