Hustling and bustling between different stores to get the right supplies can be a headache for a homeowner, let alone a professional remodeler. So what if you could have a one-stop shopping area for all of your home improvement needs? Well, those dreams are about to become a reality in Stafford County, Va.

A new development project by Home Centers USA has picked a site for a 300,000 square foot themed mall all about the home from appliances, kitchen layouts, title, windows, etc. The mall will have as many as 400 local vendors, according to Bisnow. The mall is set to open in 2019.

Jacob Manevich, who is part of the team behind Home Centers USA, told Bisnow that Home Centers will be different than other malls. Instead of the same shops found in every mall in America, this new development will offer much more:

Retailers and suppliers, or avant-garde investors, will be able to buy their own retail condos, although a portion of the mall will be retained for traditional leases. The retail shops will be as flexible as possible. Jacob says owners can use them as showrooms for their inventory, and switch displays at a moment's notice.

Despite the singular focus on the home, it will still have restaurants, a food court and all-day activities, including an indoor playground, a performance stage and do-it-yourself workstations. “It’s a large, destination product,” Jacob says. “It’s not going to be where teenagers go to hang out. It’s meant for a specific crowd and a specific need for that crowd.

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