Barringer Brothers Roofing has been cited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration at an average rate of nearly twice per year for the last decade. The most recent included two willfull, two repeated and six serious safety violations and a total of $89,100 in fines. The citations followed an inspector's observation that five roofers were at work on a house at heights of more than 13 feet without adequate fall protection.

OSHA is putting more pressure on contractors to reduce falls, asserting that preventable falls account for more construction related deaths than any other hazard.

The agency's severe violator program focuses on employers who repeatedly place employees at risk, and puts them under more aggressive monitoring and inspection protocols. Roughly 520 companies have been added to OSHA's list since 2010, with 60% of them from the construction industry.

Aaron Riddy, area director for OSHA in Fairview Heights, Il, said Barringer Roofing's behavior was "shameless" and showed a "callous disregard" for worker safety.

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