There's one important trait that your sales staff might not be using fully: adaptability. contributor Christina Desmarais discusses author Merrick Rosenberg's theory that humans are able to fit into one of four bird-themed personality styles. Rosenberg believes that if sales reps can identify their customer's personality, they should be able to adapt their sales style accordingly and make the sale more easily.

The four avian personalities are eagle, parrot, dove, and owl.

  • Eagles make quick decisions, are business focused, and don't necessarily build a personal connection with the people.
  • Parrots are talkative and "prone to interrupting others mid-sentence," which can mean they'll miss key details about the customer's needs, Desmarais says.
  • Doves are soft-spoken and dislike conflict. They value making connections with others and don't want to make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Owls need ample information before making a decision. They may also be uncomfortable in social situations.

While it is important for sales reps to be able to adapt their style to their customer's personality, it is equally important for reps to identify their own personality traits:
"The challenge for most salespeople is that they unwittingly impose their style on their customers, and then they don't close the deal and aren't quite sure what happened," [Rosenberg] says.

For more information about each trait, follow the link below.

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