Remodelers that cover a wide service area are about to get an ad boost from Google thanks to its new "Local Pack ads" program. The new ad shows up on Google Maps searches when someone is searching for something. This might not seem like a game changer by itself, but Google is letting businesses choose what territories their ads appear in. As the team over at Keyword Connects explains, this could help out businesses that are slightly further away from a potential client's home when they look for a service provider on Google Maps:

In short, you’ll be able to buy Local Pack ads across your entire territory, rather than hope and pray Google lists you in the free section. Put another way: you’re in control. If you have a territory that’s fifty miles in each direction around your office, you’ll likely be able to drive 3X-5X more clicks. That’s a lot more clicks. And a lot more sales leads.

Click on the link below to read the full article about these new Local Pack ads, then come back here and tell us in the comments if this is a new advertising feature you'll consider using.

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