North American Roofing would have received more than $1 million in state and county tax refunds and an additional $504,000 in county development grants in return for building a new headquarters in the county. The package was dubbed "Project Mulligan," but commissioners decided to reject the deal in late May, siding with local roofers who said North American would poach staff from area contractors. North American's chairman, Michael Verble, chided commissioners for squandering the opportunity and said the firm would move to a "more welcoming, friendlier location that actually values all of the things that our employees do and represent."

North American is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and does business nationally. Verble told the commissioners after their 4-1 vote he'd be happy to continue discussing the plan to move company headquarters to Sarasota, his hometown. But commissioners seemed unlikely to change their minds.

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