Justin Althoff of Watertown, South Dakota, was working on the roof of the Watertown Recreation Center when he fell on April 21. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has now proposed fines of $77,000 against his employer, Pro-Tec Roofing, Inc., alleging the company did not provide Althoff with the training he needed to work at those heights. Pro-Tec has 15 days to contest the fine.

Althoff was apparently standing outside a warning line on the roof when he fell. OSHA said Pro-Tec should have done a better job of making sure Althoff observed the line.

"An employer who chooses to use a warning line with a monitor, as in this case, must maintain the warning line system, and ensure that work beyond the warning line is appropriately monitored,” OSHA spokeswoman Sheila Stanley said.

Contacted by the Argus-Leader, the company declined comment.

Althoff wasn't the only roof worker to suffer a fatal fall recently. In late July, a Conway, South Carolina, television station reports 48-year-old Rodney Suggs fell from a three-story roof and died on the scene .

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