Industry Update

  • Fleeing from fire

    It's a roofer's worst nightmare: a fire breaks out on the roof and gusty winds whip it into a blaze that levels an entire apartment complex.

  • Operable roofs

    A unique Australian home gives new meaning to "operable roof window."

  • Don't just grow for growth's sake

    Who wouldn't want to grow business now that the market is picking up? No one. Just be careful how you define "growth."

  • Avoiding credit card security risks

    Most replacement contractors accept credit cards, but do they all know the risks involved?

  • Fighting the Feds over fall-protection

    Arizona's Division of Occupational Safety and Health incited a fight with OSHA by issuing its own fall protection rules. Now that state might lose its authority to oversee worker safety if it does not strengthen its fall protection requirements.

  • Detailing rooftop decks

    The worst dry-rot damage usually occurs where drains and scuppers penetrate the decking.

  • Fall protection for tools

    Here's another solution to keeping your tools from raining down on coworkers: Ergodyne's retractable tool lanyards.

  • Ladder-hung tool holder

    If you've every juggled tools while working off an extension ladder, then you know exactly what the Talyn Ladder Holder is all about.

  • Survey says ...

    What work vehicles do you and your crew drive?

  • Use This Checklist When Changing Your Logo

    Now that you've changed your logo, it's time to get back to running your business, correct? Wrong. Your work is just beginning. Changing your logo means more than just changing a design or a color, but rather should be a process that involves refining your entire marketing plan.

  • Porch Stair Makeover

    Replacing old pressure-treated porch stairs doesn't have to be a complicated project. It can be made even easier by using a prefabricated PVC skirt-and-riser assembly. Here's how.

  • Dealing With Online Reviews: 'You Can't Take This Personally'

    Customers are going to create online reviews whether you want them to or not. Fortunately, companies like are out there to help you control what you can. Unfortunately, they can only do so much. The key to handling everything else? Don't take it personally.

  • A Better Way to Fold a Tarp or a Drop Cloth

    It may have been how you were taught when you first started as a replacement contractor, but folding a tarp like a flag is not the most convenient way to stow it. Learn this old trick from the theater industry and save time every time you need to protect a surface.

  • Keep Decks Looking New With Deck Maintenance Programs

    Just because you finished building a hardwood tropical deck doesn't mean that you should stop caring for it. A savvy deck builder will make finishing and maintaining a customer's outdoor investment a priority. Here's how and why.

  • Why I Redesigned My Website

    Websites need to be updated from time to time and redesigning and launching a new one is no small feat. Here's why and how one small business redesigned its site and what it cost the owner in money—and time.

  • Turning Prospects Into Customers

    You've had the initial meeting (or two) with a prospective client and now it's time to seal the deal. You most likely want to close as quickly as possible, but a hesitant client may put a hold on that. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get past hesitation and close the sale.

  • 5 Stupid Mistakes that Will Kill Your Sales Email

    Want to make sure that your sales emails are actually read? Be sure to keep yourself out of it, don't include your company's logo, keep it simple, and make strategic use of the subject head. Send yourself that email first and ask yourself if you would open it or delete it.

  • 7 Habits of Likeable Bosses

    If your employees like you—really like you—you will be a better boss. Here's how to make that happen and become a better leader.

  • Do the Math: The Breakeven Formula

    How much revenue do you need to cover overhead expenses? In this installment of "Do the Math," REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR's sister publication, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, looks at the breakeven formula and how it applies to the different aspects of a construction business.

  • Why Executing 'Good Enough' Beats Waiting Until Perfection

    When you implement systems and processes within your business, no doubt you want to make sure those procedures are as close to perfect as possible. Here's why striving to implement partial improvements you can regularly refine is the way to go.