Summer 2009 Table of Contents

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Email Marketing's Fast, Friendly, Non-Intrusive

Still contacting your past customers, or new ones, by mail or phone? There's a much better way. Read more

Quick Action Converts Purchased Leads To Appointments

Home improvement companies say that success with 'purchased leads' is all about springing into action. Read more

Confirmation Procedures Commit Customers To That Appointment

If your leads result in fewer appointments than they should, the problem is likely in your confirmation process. Here's a guide to properly handing it. Read more

How Purchased Leads Companies Work

CEO of ServiceMagic, Craig Smith talks about how the company selects, vets, and promotes the contractors who use its service. Read more

How To Manage Missing Prospects

"No-shows" and so-called "one legs" frustrate salespeople. But a sale is all in the way these homeowners are handled. Read more

Sunroom Sales Stumble In Tight Credit Economy

As demand has plummeted, sunroom dealers have had to adjust to a different kind of market. Read more

How To Get More Canvassing, Event and Store Leads

Want more outbound leads? Here's what you may be doing wrong. Read more

How Window World Plans To Get Even Bigger

Founded in 1995, Window World has emerged this year as the largest home improvement company in the U.S. Read more

Threats To Your Home Improvement Business

An interview with attorney D.S. Berenson about worker reclassification, lead paint laws, Do Not Mail registries, and more. Read more

How Personal Contacts Become Business Contracts

Add business networking to your box of heavy-duty referral tools. Read more

Failure to Concentrate On Your Customers Needs Could Kill Your Business

Three common mistakes that could kill your business. Read more

Some Doors Qualify For Tax Credits

Editorial Director Sal Alfano takes us to a home in Washington, DC to watch a door replacement installation. The door qualifies for tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Read more

States Seek To Regulate Promotional Mail

Do Not Mail laws would set up a registry of consumers seeking to be shielded from commercial mail. Read more

Glass Repair Market Growing

In 2007 Dan Frey co-founded The Glass Guru, a franchise company based in Sacramento that deals in window repair and replacement. Read more

Consistent Messaging Builds Brand

Strategic, consistent marketing helps a company stand out in tough times as a recognized brand. Read more

Make Leads Happen

A Q&A with Peter Allen, vice president of national sales for Four Seasons Sunroom corporate stores, who discusses how the sunroom market and his company are faring in the current economy. Read more

Vinyl Siding Makers Say Their Product's Green

Claims and counter-claims about a product that remains the market share leader in siding. Read more

No Tax Credits On Most Skylights

Makers, dealers, and contractors who install skylights find that few, if any, of their products qualify for tax credits. Read more

Contractors Consider Strategy in Year of Uncertainty

In a sustained downturn, home improvement contractors are learning to run their businesses differently. Read more

Aerial Roof Estimating Fast and Accurate

Roofing contractors make use of a new estimating tool they say is safer and more accurate than hand-measuring: satellites. Read more

How Tax Credits Help The Window Replacement Industry

Rich Walker, president and CEO of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association talks about The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and prospects for economic recovery. Read more

Tax Credit Marketing

Window replacement companies wasted no time promoting the energy tax credits included in the stimulus bill. Read more

Tax Credits Lift Window Sales

Tax credits are back, but home improvement company owners wonder if they'll make any more difference now than they did a few years ago. Read more

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