September 2007 Table of Contents

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Just the Facts, Ma'am

Lying in a sales presentation isn't always the rep's fault. Reps won't do it unless they're getting away with it. Read more

Gadgets Galore

For some, the latest electronic gadget is the must-have toy of the moment, but a growing number of replacement contractors find hand-held devices to be serious business tools. Read more

One for the Money

A flexible response and a positive attitude can turn one-legs into net good sales. Read more

Cutting Through the Static Cutting Through the Static

Radio marketing may take a while to work, but it can generate strong leads and build your company's brand. Read more

The 2007 Replacement 100 The 2007 Replacement 100

Marketing costs are up, up, up, and more companies are turning to the Web and looking for new products. Read more

Safe Ground Safe Ground

One company created a policy to quell potential employee conflicts before they erupt. Read more

Family Affair Family Affair

Hiring a son, brother, or spouse has both its advantages and disadvantages. Read more

Frozen Out

Could credit freeze legislation affect your ability to finance deals? Read more

The Perfectionist

Be clear about what your customer expects and deliver what you promise, or you could be in trouble. Read more

Star Power Star Power

Somebody has to be the face of your company on TV and its voice on radio. But should that be you, or hired talent? Read more

Attention-Getter Attention-Getter

Memphis Home Improvement celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, but when general manager Joe Pipkin sat down to think about it, he realized that almost nobody outside the company knew or cared. Read more

Winning Formula

Making television advertising work in the home improvement business is a challenge, but find the formula that works and it can be a scaleable lead source that builds your brand like nothing else. Read more

You've Got Mail

A prospect's e-mail address may be the most important piece of information your marketing department can capture. Read more

The Case of the Silent Spouse

If one party dominates the sales presentation, make sure to get buy-in from the other. Read more

Paper Cuts

When sales reps at Tri-State Home Improvement in Branford, Conn., turn in their paperwork, it's not the office manager who checks it. It's co-owner Brad Pompilli. And if there are mistakes, those mistakes cost the reps money. Read more

Close Call

Good sales training requires that salespeople ask for the order, and the time to do that is after you've made a strong presentation and sold the value of your proposal. Read more

Walk the Walk

Sales managers who sell in the field gain credibility with their sales teams. Read more

Down Under Down Under

Systems that turn underdeck areas into living space are a growing add-on item. Read more

Fixer-Uppers Fixer-Uppers

Repairing a roof is often a foot in the door toward replacing one. Read more

Cedar Devotees Cedar Devotees

Lifetime Remodeling Systems in Portland, Ore., offers customers just about every type of siding available and appropriate to homes in the area. That includes vinyl, stone, red cedar, fiber-cement, and EIFS replacement. Read more

Factory Direct

Window retailers who make their own products cite advantages and disadvantages. Read more

Customer Care

An interview with Laurie Brown, who runs a company called The Difference, in Ferndale, Mich., which specializes in customer service and sales training. Read more

Extreme Makeover

Are your lead costs up? If it's any comfort, many home improvement companies are facing the same challenge. Our poll of the 100 largest companies indicates that for many the price of a customer contact jumped 10% or more during the past year. Read more

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