June 2007 Table of Contents

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Windshield Time

Windshield time is educational. You want the rep to learn how you sell. Read more

And The Winner Is...

Sweepstakes marketing produces a steady stream of new leads. Why, then, don't more contractors run these contests? Read more

Helping Hands

Advice from a consultant may be just what your business needs. But the end results will depend on your preparation and follow-up. Read more

Brand Spanking New

Branding is not about spending big dollars to get yourself on television. Read more

I Spy

Technology can let you block access to certain Web sites or track where employees are going on the Web. Should you use it? Read more


When salespeople leave, a company often loses touch with the customers they sold to. Here's a way to regain their attention. Read more


Keeping crews busy when the weather doesn't cooperate. Read more

Average Joes

Nothing sells your products like honest feedback from your customers. Read more

Soft Call Soft Callcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Home improvement companies use the Web for education first, lead generation second. But that could change. Read more

Treat 'Em Right

Two simple suggestions that will earn you more referrals. Read more

Bear The Load

You might think you know what your marketing costs are. But do you? Read more

Show Me Show Me

Your showroom can be a destination for walk-in leads, a great closing tool, or even a place to sell additional products and keep your customers in the business loop. Read more

Basic Instinct

When it comes to closing, if you miss the basics, you might miss the boat. Read more

Warm Welcome

Establishing an emotional connection with the homeowner builds the foundation for closing. Read more

Showoffs Showoffs

Deck showrooms let buyers see your company in a new light. Read more

Stand Out

Siding jobs that rise above the mundane. Read more

Smart Windows

Treated glass that darkens at the push of a button to screen out the sun's rays is slowly making its way onto the market. Read more

Wild Card

A bad roof can be obvious, but whether it requires replacement or repair is another matter. Read more

Brand Maven

Branding is simply a promise. Good branding is a promise fulfilled. If you follow up on that promise, you're building a brand. So branding is communicated through your marketing, but it's demonstrated through your actions. Read more

Small Mysteriescbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Your company treats customers right. At least you're pretty sure it does. So why aren't you getting more referrals? Read more

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