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Sell Deck Safety

It happened about 15 years ago while my parents were hosting a company office party. Everyone was out on the deck. The grill was going and my father was standing over it. Suddenly the 12-foot-square second-story deck pulled away from the house and collapsed with 14 people on it. Read more

Word of Mouth Word of Mouth

A Florida roofer set out to become a full-service home improvement contractor by building on his solid reputation. Read more

Ante Up

When it comes to sales bonus programs, companies do whatever works to motivate salespeople and bring selling teams together. Read morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Hire Aspirations Hire Aspirations

A good production manager is the heart of your company. Take the time to find the right person. Read more

The 2006 Replacement 100 The 2006 Replacement 100

More and more home improvement companies look to past customers and unsold contacts for future business. Read more

Legal Eagle Lien on Me

Often those in the construction industry must provide a product or service before they are paid. In essence, many jobs are done "on credit," with the hope that payment will be received when some or all of the work is completed. Read more

Mad as Hell

How you handle that angry customer says a lot about your company. Read more

Where in the World?

With 14 trucks on the road -- trucks that go home with employees on weekends -- Troy Marshall found himself wishing he knew where the vehicles were when not at work. Read more

Ways to Say Thanks

For many employees, receiving recognition or rewards for a job well done is paramount to the satisfaction they get from their work. Read more

Come Out Slugging

Savvy owners say net sales per lead issued will tell you more about sales productivity than any other measure. Read more

How Do You Rate? How Do You Rate?

Customer surveys let you know what's good about your company, as well as areas that could use improvement. Read more

Franks and Beams Franks and Beams

A Detroit company cooks up more than picnic fare at its neighborhood events. Read more

Old Gold

The leads your company develops cost an average of $212 each, according to figures produced by this magazine. Some never result in an appointment. Some become appointments, but not sales. And some are sold, but the transaction, for whatever reason, is cancelled. Read more

E-ffective Newsletters E-ffective Newsletters

Done right, an electronic newsletter will send people right to your Web site. Read more

At Ease

When you stop talking and start measuring, customers often get uneasy. Give them something to do. Read more

Dollar Signs

Prospects will signal strong interest in many ways. But don't take that signed contract for granted. Read more

Guided Choices Guided Choices

Reps need to know how to lead prospects in the right direction. Read more

Sell Like a Pro

Great salespeople aren't just born; they're made. Read more

Buttoned Up

The sales presentation is the place to lay the groundwork for avoiding cancelled contracts. Read more

Windows on the Web

Replacement window customers have the option of going online not only to find out about windows but to buy them. Read more

Bilingual Basics

Why is work in the construction industry attractive to Hispanic immigrants? Read more


Competition was getting tough, so he'd decided to make some changes. On the marketing side, they involved new methods of generating leads and better lead tracking. On the selling end, the sales process itself was revamped. Read more

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