September 2005 Table of Contents

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Check You Out

Prospects have all kinds of ways to stall the completion of a sale, even when the terms are favorable to them. Read more

Attaching Deck Ledgers Jobsite Attaching Deck Ledgers

Taller ledgers and proper flashing can prevent debris collection and deck rot. Read more

First Impressions

Home building and remodeling are currently enjoying a boom in Charleston, S.C., and The Muhler Co., headquartered there, is well positioned to cash in on it. The company, which generates a quarter of its sales from residential window installation and the remainder from commercial glass and home building, operates two 5,000-square-foot showrooms, one in Charleston and the other in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Read more

Face Time Face Time

In 1998, the year the commercials were launched, the company installed an estimated 20,000 windows for sales of $10.5 million. Last year, Regency sold almost $20 million worth of product. Read more

The 2005 Replacement 100

Leads today cost more. No surprise there. The average cost of an issued lead for Replacement 100 companies in 2003 was $191.50, which was a 7.6% increase from 2002. This year, some 55% of the Replacement 100 report increased lead costs, with just 9% of respondents saying lead costs fell. Average lead cost? $219.77. Read more

Playing Fair

It has been more than 10 years since a former salesman tried to use his copy of Woburn, Mass.-based NewPro's customer list, but executive vice president and COO Dave Normandin remembers it like it was yesterday. The former employee had gone into business for himself and made appointments based on NewPro's list. Read more

Square Hole

Leads not panning out? Could be your sales process. Turning things around begins with the recognition that there are three types of prospects. The first -- high sense of urgency -- wants to buy now. Read more

Parting Ways

The loss of a key employee can deal a real blow to your company. How you manage that departure makes all the difference. Read more

DVDs Put Sales in Motion

That thin silver disc that just arrived in the mail tells your prospect everything you want them to know about your company. Read more

Showroom Do's and Don'ts, Part 2

More than ever, the showroom is a viable force in a home improvement company's marketing program. But know where it fits. A showroom's costs, including "personnel time" and similar factors, must be scrutinized within the marketing budget. Read more

Keep Walking

Cold calling can be just that: cold. And nobody knows it like a canvasser. Read more

Meet Me There

Weekly or daily sales meetings build accountability and boost morale. Read more

Get Psyched

You're in the car and on the way to an appointment. What do you do to pump yourself up? Read more

Three Strikes

A lot of your prospects think they need three bids from three different contractors. Everything they've read advises them to do that. In fact, a lot of you reading this probably make that suggestion in your company's marketing materials. Read more

How Low Can You Go?

Reps can often raise or lower prices, but companies have ways to control it. Read more

Pledge of Allegiance

Seeking to counter the image of home improvement companies as so-called "Tin Men," a group of 14 replacement contractors across the United States has set out to bring the homeowner's perception in line with the reality of today's industry. Read more

When in Doubt

Installing fiber-cement siding? Avoid the common mistakes. Read more

Not Permitted

Build a deck without a permit? Yes, it's a hassle to get one, but fail to do so and you may be asking for it. Read more

Brand Yourself

You lost that sale -- 14 windows, average cost $750 each -- to a competitor you've learned to loathe. Here's what the prospect told your rep: "We would like to have bought from you guys, but their price was better." Read more

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