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One contractor's online review mess

The topic of online review sites is a hot one for many contractors, with most... More

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Why Some Salespeople Outsell Others

It's not the personality; it's certain behaviors or practices that create the top performers in home improvement sales. More

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Proprietary Information And How To Control Its Use

Do competitors, or former employees, have the right to just help themselves to your company's pricing, marketing, and procedures? More

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Unlawful Marketing and Sales Practices

Thirty companies in the state of Washington received a letter from the assistant attorney general with the above heading in the last year. Seven of the companies and one manufacturer signed consent decrees. Some are left with severe damage to their reputation and staggering legal bills. More

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Washington State Window Companies Whacked

There's a lot in this issue of Replacement Contractor about what's been going on in Washington state for the past year. To summarize, the attorney general there has filed civil suits against seven window replacement companies and a window manufacturer accusing them of engaging in deceptive marketing and sales practices. More

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Window Companies Vulnerable on Sales/Marketing Tactics

An investigation into sales and marketing practices in Washington state finds... More

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Why Washington State Went After Window Companies

Jack Zurlini Jr., is the assistant attorney general for the state of Washington. Mr. Zurlini's office has filed (so far) six civil suits against window companies in that state, alleging use of "deceptive practices" in their marketing and sales. More

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Threats To Your Home Improvement Business

An interview with attorney D.S. Berenson about worker reclassification, lead paint laws, Do Not Mail registries, and more. More

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Some Doors Qualify For Tax Credits

Editorial Director Sal Alfano takes us to a home in Washington, DC to watch a door replacement installation. The door qualifies for tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. More

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Color Certified

In case being super-low maintenance and the most popular cladding material in the... More

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