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Hiring Picks Up At Home Improvement Companies

Home improvement companies are looking for new employees, some for the first time... More

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Green Roofing Saves Homeowners Money

Green is a great sell in commercial roofing, but what about for residential roofing? More

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Fewer, Smaller Jobs Make Motivating Salespeople Tougher

Keeping salespeople motivated in a tough economy is no easy job. More

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Cutting Through the Static cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Radio marketing may take a while to work, but it can generate strong leads and... More

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Peace of Mind

It's a fact of life that truck-and-ladder companies are going to underbid you. Their sharpest weapon is price. You can counterattack with value, a key part of which is your workers' comp and liability insurance. More

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Ante Up

Your salesperson gets to the door and no one is home. Or, worse, someone is, and that aggrieved homeowner explains that she told the canvasser she wasn't interested. More

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Cool Roof

Massachusetts roofer Jim Lydon once got a call from a client complaining that the roof Lydon had installed was "leaking like a sieve." When he arrived to inspect, Lydon found that the homeowner, hoping to save money on her fuel bill, had plugged up all the soffit vents. More

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Buying In

Drive through any U.S. city or town of size and you'll see them: McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway, Pro-Cuts and Supercuts, Jiffy Lube, Re/Max, The UPS Store. Franchises one and all. Franchising sales in the U.S. alone exceeded $1 trillion in 2000, with more than half a million business units generating some 8 million jobs, the International Franchise Association reports. Think you're the right kind of person for a franchise? Sorting out the risks and rewards requires diligence. More

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