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Nail Gun Vs. Hand Nailing

Dave Molloy, owner of Molloy Roofing, a fourth-generation roofing company in... More

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Hand Nailing Gives Roofer Sales Edge

Russell Roofing, in suburban Philadelphia, sells homeowners on its installation. More

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Credit Cards Make Small Jobs A Cinch

Credit cards are perfect for that job that costs more than the homeowner has in his bank account but is too small to make financing worthwhile. More

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The 2011 Replacement 100

A list of the nation's largest companies and what some of them are doing to reinvent their approach to product, the customer and marketing. More

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Local Search Key to Regional Internet Dominance

U. S. Representative Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill (D-Mass.), the well-known Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, famously said, "All politics is local." When it comes to organic search results, Google obviously believes the same. The biggest power in online search is increasingly focused on the "local" aspect of things. More

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Local Search First Stop For Online Customers

Does your company appear on the local search map? Studies show that's where... More

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Use Radio To Reach New Customer Segments

Radio: a waste of precious marketing dollars or a medium you can use to great... More

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On Message

Last winter Windowizards, in Philadelphia, had a mystery shopper call 10 home improvement companies of similar size across the U.S. and record the interaction with each company's phone room. Then Windowizards' management had that same mystery shopper call Windowizards. More

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Four By Four- Screw-Ups

Installing windows usually isn't complicated, but it can go wrong when installers fail to pay attention. More

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Unpleasant Surprises

Every now and then, when he's pricing out a window job, John Herman, owner of Thermal Sash Window and Door Systems, Chester Springs, Pa., finds rot. Good thing for Herman, with 20-plus years experience both selling and installing windows, that he knows what to look for and where to look for it. More

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