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For Some, Paint Now Part of the Siding Sale

Siding companies once saw paint as their enemy. Not anymore. More

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Talk It Up

A program on talk radio can do a lot for your business. Here's what it takes to take to the airwaves. More

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Killer Contracts

Sales contracts get no respect. They're signed every day. Sometimes with changes scribbled in that could cause trouble. Sometimes with prices that are flat out wrong. And sometimes with boilerplate language that doesn't say what you think it says. More

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How Low Can You Go?

Reps can often raise or lower prices, but companies have ways to control it. More

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LLC or S-Corp.?

Should a home-improvement company be structured as an S-corp. or an LLC? Experts say choosing a form of business ownership depends on several key factors, including tax concerns, potential risks and business liabilities, desire for flexible management structure, and future investment needs. More

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On the Air

Sports talk shows and shock talk shows fill the airwaves in almost every market. But what about a talk show devoted to improving the home? Well, Houston area listeners have one. It's the More

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Warp Speed

Fiber-cement siding doesn't warp, but it is flexible enough to distort if the studs to which it is being attached are bowed. To prevent a wavy appearance, Phil Birner of Amazing Siding in Houston says his installers strip the walls back to the studs and try to correct the problem at its source. Alternatively, they apply rigid foam behind the siding to help flatten the wall. More

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