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HomeAdvisor and Angie's List to Merge Into One Company with Two Brands

HomeAdvisor's IAC will own up to 90% of the combined company's value, control 98%... More

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Cold On Cold Callingcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Salespeople often resist or ignore programs to generate their own leads, whatever the reward. More

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At a time when many home improvement companies see their sales sliding backward, Renewal by Andersen of Colorado Springs and Denver, our Replacement Contractor of the Year, posted a sales increase of almost 26% last year. How do they do it? More

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Here Today, Here Tomorrow

When Mark Geller finishes explaining his company's lifetime warranty on windows to prospects, he stops and waits. "Because," says the owner of Buy One Window Get One Free in Denver, "it takes a while for it to sink in." The most common reaction is blank incomprehension. Geller says that prospects often have no idea what's covered, by whom, or for how long. More

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Top-Notch Recruits

When his company's closing rate isn't what he'd like it to be, Camille Saleh, corporate sales manager for Cincinnati-based Champion Window, sometimes gets the urge to run a help-wanted ad for new salespeople. But for more than three years, he's resisted that urge, primarily because Champion, like some other contractors, continues to have luck recruiting through referrals from current employees. More

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