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Home Improvement Marketing Is Mostly About Leads

Bert Lebhar, president of fast-growing Atlantic Remodeling, based in Baltimore, explains his company's success. More

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Sunday's Sales Power

Is Sunday a day of rest or a great opportunity to catch people at home? More

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Background Checks Screen Potential Problem Employee

A thorough background and credit check helps prevent you from taking on the employee whose hiring you later regret. More

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Manage Inbound Leads To Ensure Conversion

Manage that telephone request for a price in a way that leads to an appointment. More

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Incentives Drive Home Performance Projects

Local weatherization programs gear up to help homeowners finance energy-efficient... Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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When It's Worth It To Put Your Ad On the Top of the Page

Is investing in a pay-per-click campaign worth the money? It all depends on your Internet marketing strategy. More

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Right This Way

There's nothing you could give Kip Lee to get him to stop offering a discount to... More

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What It's Worth

Many home improvement company owners pride themselves on knowing their fully loaded marketing costs. They should. The difference between, say, the 6% you may think is your fully loaded cost and the 9% it More

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Fat and Happy

Kip Lee has a term for the ailment afflicting the salesperson who writes $200,000 one month and can't sell anything the next. The owner of Coastal Empire Exteriors in Savannah, Ga., calls it Fat Wallet Disease. The polite term is "economic leveling," the tendency to work to some self-imposed limit. More

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