Closing the sale isn't magic. It's a process through which you introduce your product or service to others in a way that convinces them that your offer best meets their needs. When you've completed each step of a sound sales methodology built on understanding your prospects' values, closing is the logical conclusion.

BIGGEST REASON THEY BUY: RAPPORT If you develop rapport with a prospect, you have a better opportunity to have your ideas and proposals valued. Yet rapport is a state of mind that begins with feelings. So, how much do you know about what prospects like or what will cause them to respond more positively to your presentation?

Our surveys indicate that prospects most frequently purchased products or services based on:

  • Salesperson's credibility
  • Rapport with the salesperson
  • Consideration of the prospect's values
  • Unique quality product/service tailored to prospect's needs
  • Superior product
  • Value of the project equaling or exceeding the price
  • Ease, simplicity of purchase and perceived fulfillment
  • Knowledgeable seller
  • Receptive seller interested in doing business with the prospect

BIGGEST REASON THEY DON'T BUY: EGO Now, consider the prospect who contacted the company and came away feeling that:

  • The salesperson was so interested in talking about himself or his company that he asked little about our values or long-range goals.
  • He had loads of pictures and brochures, most of which were more important to the sales rep than to us.
  • He kept reminding us how busy he was — as if he were doing us a favor in considering our project.
  • Once he gave us a price, he started telling us about the discounts he could offer. It became apparent that the original price had little or no credibility.
  • He never asked us to make a decision to have his company do our job.

Think they'll buy? Not likely.
Consider this: In your effort to produce best practices, you may overlook the selling concepts that build rapport rapidly, eliminate many price objections, and make it easy for the prospect to say “yes” to you. —Dave Yoho is president of the oldest, largest and most successful consulting group serving the home improvement industry;; 703.591.2490.