The summer months can lead to an influx of new clients ready to finally remodel that bathroom they've been thinking about. That's good news! Unless that client lives in North Florida and you're a remodeler in Miami. Mark Harari at Remodeler's Advantage remains professional and tries to reply to unqualified with a "no" template:

Obviously, there are times where the email is just straight up spam, in which case I’ll add the sender to my blacklist and delete the email without a reply.

But there are also plenty of instances where I will want to be professional and extend the courtesy of a response, even if it is to say simply “no.”

So I created templated responses for these common inbox requests, and I entered them as an email signature in my Outlook Email.

Want to read Mark's sample "no" email? Then click on the link below to read the full story over at Remodeler's Advantage.

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