Part 2 of two articles. (Read Part 1.) Putting a handyman service into place, or offering prospects some other service they need, gives your company top-of-mind awareness when that homeowner needs a new roof, windows, siding, or some other large project. What helps to ease the low-price service job into something more substantial — a new roof or a house full of windows — is to have your tech conduct a survey of the premises when he arrives to do the initial work.

That survey would record how long the homeowners plan to be there. It would also include a prioritized list of specific projects that need to be taken care of in the future. Some of these the homeowner might be aware of, some not.

So, for instance, if gutters are loose or if a door or window has rotten wood, your tech might spot these and put them on the list. Offer the diagnostic service for free, and charge an hourly rate for actual repairs, with materials in addition. You can offer homeowners a discount on that hourly rate for first-time participation. Request that, in exchange, they write an online review of your business.

Long-Term View

Your company may not make a lot of money on maintenance and repair jobs. For although they can be a substantial profit center, that’s not really going to be the purpose of this work for most home improvement companies.

And if you set the system up right, a maintenance and repair department will pay for itself. The major expenditure is in the time it will take to create and manage a service operation, with its considerable logistical details.

If they do a great job, companies that offer roof repair, chimney maintenance, or some other service invariably become the place to go when the roof or siding or windows need replacing. Clean the gutters, and yours is the company most likely to be called when it’s time to replace them or fit them with gutter covers. In effect, a maintenance and repair or handyman or service department allows you to create leads of the best possible quality for the bigger jobs that are your company’s bread and butter. Is that not money well spent? —Sales and marketing consultant Tony Hoty has been a home improvement company salesperson and owner. Visit his website or reach him at or 888.447.3969.

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