Many salespeople start their presentation by asking the prospect questions. What's your budget? When do you want to start? How many estimates are you getting?

Those questions presume it's the prospect's responsibility, rather than yours, to prepare for this appointment.

In fact, this appointment, with this prospect, is your chance to tell your story. And if you believe that, you'll make the necessary preparations to tell the best story on each appointment.

Key Questions Prior to the appointment, ask yourself:

  • Why should they buy my product?
  • Why should they buy it from me?
  • Why should they buy it today?
  • This will give you plenty to work on. For instance, there's a lot of product out there. How can you prepare a story that points to your product? Similarly, with every salesperson proclaiming that his or her company is the best, where in your story is there solid evidence that the prospect should get this product from you?

    And just because you say they should buy it today might not be a good enough reason. Can you show evidence of how valuable your product might be to them both personally and financially? This may require investigating housing values, resales that perhaps had your products vs. homes that didn't. You may have to put together a list of similar jobs you've done or people in the neighborhood you've worked for in case your prospect wants a reference. Does your story have them believing that their lives will be better for having done business with you?

    Respond to Objections You also need to prepare your response to these statements.

  • We want to get other estimates.
  • Your price is too high.
  • We want to think about it.
  • Salespeople, do you just show up, or do you slow down and prepare? Do you tally up how many prospects you can see each day or do you prefer to see how many sales you can make? Preparing yourself goes a long way in controlling and closing the sale. —Phil Rea shares his sales strategies each month with salespeople across the country through his MasterMind Program. For more information, call 866.441.7445.