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5 Jobs that Add the Most Value — and How They Can Help Sell Your Next Replacement Project

What we learned from REMODELING’s 2014 Cost vs. Value report Read more

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How to Do a Great Job and Get a Lousy Review

Manage expectations up front or deal with a bad review once the job’s finished Read more

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From Par House to Your House: Sales Then and Now

Home improvement companies that haven’t changed their ways may find it tough going when they try to sell to today’s homeowner Read more

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Confessions of a One-Call Closer

Old-school closing techniques easily come off as dated to today’s homeowners Read more

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Bad Weather Is Open Season for Exterior Contractors

Looking forward to your seasonal hibernation? Think again. Inclement weather could make these your most prosperous months. Read more

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When Home Improvement Sales Fail to Deliver the Promise

What your salespeople don’t know about installation could be hurting you. Here’s what you can do about it. Read more

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Highly Mobile: You Don't Need a Physical Office Anymore

How the move from one-step to multistep selling made technology a much bigger part of the sales process for Mike Damora's company Read more

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Why Bad-Mouthing Competitors Can Backfire

When you’re running down the competition, you’re running down your credibility Read more

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Trusted Adviser or Typical Salesperson?

Today’s salespeople are told to be “trusted advisers,” “consultants,” and “solution providers.” Gaining the trust of prospects can be a lot simpler than that by sticking to these basic rules. Read more

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12 Reasons Why Your Sales Results Are Plummeting

If your projected sales are off, or way off, here are the likeliest reasons. Among them: confusing compensation and poor time management. Read more

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