Highly Mobile: You Don't Need a Physical Office Anymore

How the move from one-step to multistep selling made technology a much bigger part of the sales process for Mike Damora's company Read more

Why Bad-Mouthing Competitors Can Backfire

When you’re running down the competition, you’re running down your credibility Read more

Trusted Adviser or Typical Salesperson?

Today’s salespeople are told to be “trusted advisers,” “consultants,” and “solution providers.” Gaining the trust of prospects can be a lot simpler than that by sticking to these basic rules. Read more

12 Reasons Why Your Sales Results Are Plummeting

If your projected sales are off, or way off, here are the likeliest reasons. Among them: confusing compensation and poor time management. Read more

Can You Price Yourself Out of the Market?

Home improvement contractors live in fear of having to raise prices. But marketing and selling all the extras you offer relative to competitors might just make a price hike, even a big one, fully believable to your customers. Read more

Tags: Sales
The Secret to Reselling Past Clients

Communication is key to generating more business with previous customers. Here's how to alert those who've done business with you before to all the other products and services you have to offer. Read more

When Clients Ask, ‘What’s Your Markup?’ Say This

Answer that question with questions of your own. Then show you're the expert. Read more

Tags: Sales
Hail of a Season

Summer hail creates a deluge of roofing work, but also accusations against roofers. Don't let your company get caught in the crossfire. Read more

Edge Out Lazy Competitors by Following Up

Follow-up is key to winning the business—and respect—of today’s home improvement buyer Read more

3 Steps to Turning an Angry Customer into a Raging Fan

You don't need to be a Zen master to turn a complaint into a win for your company. Here's what you should keep in mind for yourself and teach your employees about handling dissatisfied customers. Read more

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