Maintaining customer relationships should be a part of every remodelers toolbox. Cultivating and maintaining these relationships is a key part of relationship marketing, and can be a pathway to even more business. Over at Shawn McCadden's Desgin/Build Blog, guest blogger Cheryl Coonan provides four tips to best utilize the relationships remodelers make every day:

Aside from the job or project at hand, perhaps you’ve gleaned from the conversation that he or she could use a referral to a good painter, or even something as minor as a good place for lunch. Giving clients or potential clients access to your network can help them gain confidence in your advice. Always having an “I can help” attitude, even if it doesn’t directly benefit you, will leave a positive effect on people...and could result in more business or a referral one day.

You've got a network of fellow remodelers and contractors, so following through on that tip should be easy. There's more suggestions over at the Design/Build Blog, so click on the link below to read the complete article.

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