Online Marketing—a Matrix for Contractors

If you're asking "What marketing works for contractors?" Here are some answers. Read more

Features vs. Benefits in Construction Marketing

Marketing consultant Darren Slaughter discusses how to not only promote your company’s features, but to tie those features back to the benefits that the customer receives by doing business with you.  Read more

6 Steps for Responding to Negative Online Comments

Small businesses can't hide from negative online reviews. What can be controlled, however, is how you and your business respond to such comments. Use these steps to guide you in responding to complaints and negative comments. Read more

The Professional's Guide to Networking

Every business owner networks, but do you do so strategically? These tips will help you make the most of the time and energy you put into networking. Read more

10 Marketing Tricks From The Pros

These tips from professional marketers will give you an immediate boost in the return on investment of your marketing efforts. Read more

Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling in Marketing

Data can tell you who to target and where, but stories will make the sale. Prospective clients are more likely to remember stories, such as a unique project, over costs or prices. Here's why stories are the most effective marketing tools. Read more

The Secret to Sales Rep Motivation

Do you have an underperforming sales team? Conventional wisdom tells you to throw out more money in hopes of motivating them, but that might not be the best answer. Instead, focus on making your sales manager—or top sales rep—your "frontline" sales coach to guide your team. Read more

Tough Customers: Zero in on Gen Y

Young home buyers—and homeowners looking to remodel—are a tough sell. Gen-Y buyers are design-savvy and seem to want it all, but in reality are often short on financing. Here are a few tips and suggestions that can go a long way toward pleasing Gen-Y clients without breaking the bank. Read more

Remodeling 550 Deadline Extended

Thought you'd missed the deadline to enter your company in this year's REMODELING 550 listing? Think again. We've extended the deadline to Tuesday, June 24. So submit your company information today. Read more

When a Good Angie’s List Promotion Goes Bad—Fast

Sure, promotions on the review site attract customers, but what happens when something goes wrong? Read more

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